Tuesday, May 1, 2007


this is a hacking program (not for sa) it's for every thing

try it u can use it on any thing like stick rpg comlete i ****ed up the cash

u get the name of the thing put the ammount of it and bam u got what u want

this is the download

Monday, April 30, 2007

sa trainer v3 (can't get u v2 sorry)

this is much better than the old one much!!better
i can't explain what's in it there's alot of stuff so check it out
there are some files that u need they are msstdfmt.dll you will need to register them click run and type regsvr32.exe msstdfmt.dll it will say it succeeded or what ever than turn on the trainer and it will work reload will work if u put in 0 and it will only work if u put it before the battle like when they put the resaults and needs to be put b4 the battle like reload
and good bye

SA trainer v1

it's a very good triner but not the best there will be more soon
this trainer got
name changing
colour hacking
speed hacking
reload hacking
wall hacking
HP hacking
ghost mode
rank hack
anti lag (i thing it doesn't work)
and mClient